About The Band

Inspired by warm coastlines and surrounded by Canadian winters, Echo Beach are bringing tropical heat to the Canadian climate. These four friends blast surf-psych that draws influence as much from the rock of The Velvet Underground and The Modern Lovers as from the surf-indie of The Growlers and Allah-Las. Born in Kamloops, BC, Canada but conceived on Echo Beach in S.E. Asia, the band has been together since 2016.

Echo Beach performances encourage audiences to forget their troubles, grab a pint, and get weird. Human connection is getting harder and harder to come by, and it’s that link that Echo Beach builds with the crowd during their live shows, continually bringing people back for another taste of the good times.

With one EP under their belt, Echo Beach’s debut LP Whale Songs is a surf-inspired landscape with love stories on ice. Feet on the beach, deep in reflection, Whale Songs sorts out the pieces to understand where their love went wrong, and where it can still go right.