Echo Beach – a BC band making noise

Born in British Columbia, but destined to be intergalactic, these four friends blast indie rock that keeps toes tapping and hips swinging. It’s members have been playing shows and producing music since 2016. With 2 albums and an EP under their belts, Echo Beach’s creation of new music and imaginative video content is not slowing down.

What We’re Up To


The Thaw – Toyota Ad
Test Pilot Official Music Video
Freakshow Official Music Video

Pinkbike Weekend Slayer Episode 5

Live Performances

Echo Beach has been performing live since 2016. They’ve played venues and festivals throughout western Canada ranging from Big Winter Classic in Calgary AB, The Royal in Nelson BC, to Brewloop in Kamoops BC.

Echo Beach’s shows encourages audiences to forget their troubles and get weird. These days, human connection is hard to find, and that link is what Echo Beach builds with their audience through their live shows.


Salted – Album – 2021
Whale Songs – Album – 2020
Everly – EP – 2017